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“Bill Me”: Taking pledges and invoicing through mobile phones

Payment option, "Bill Me" is now available on the Mobile Platform. By default Mobile Payment Pages offer a simplified form for credit card transactions so patrons can easily use their mobile phone to make a payment. Now Click & Pledge customers may also offer a "Bill Me" option. "Bill Me" allows patrons to simply commit to an amount. Once submitted, the patron will receive an email with a payment link. Since the first name, last name, email and amount have already been entered through the mobile phone, the payment page will auto-fill with that information. “Bill Me” can also be renamed. Call it "ePledge," "Invoice," or whatever you choose.

So here is an example of how you can use "Bill Me." Let’s say you are having a fundraising event and you ask your supporter to contribute. You can provide them a QR code or the mobile webpage featuring ‘Bill Me’ where they can commit to a donation. Once entered your patron is automatically emailed the confirmation of their commitment. Then after the event, once they get home they can complete the transaction. No need for your patrons to pull out their credit cards right there at the event. They can commit to a pledge and pay later.

How to enable “Bill Me”
To enable this feature, the mobile web site needs to be activated. Click here for article on Mobile Website set up. The following provides a step-by-step procedure for activating and setting up the mobile Bill-Me:

Login to the administrative portal (

Accept the Custom Payment method:
  1. Click on Account Info
  2. Click on Accepted Cards
  3. Check the option for the "Custom" in the accepted credit cards

Enable the Bill-Me feature:
  1. Click on the Mobile Platform
  2. Click on Build Mobile Pages
  3. Select "Payment Page" in the Mobile Page Type pull-down menu
  4. Check "Bill Me" in the Payment Type section
  5. Add a name for the "Bill Me" label, e.g. ePledge, Bill Me, Invoice, etc.
  6. Select a Classic checkout page to be used for settling the invoice. The link to the page will be provided in the receipt for payment.


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