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GiveBig: How to Credit a Transaction

Click & Pledge customers can login to your Click & Pledge customer portal, Connect, to credit transactions.

Credit a Transaction Using Connect

The following definitions apply:

Settled Transaction: Transactions are settled at midnight on the day of the transaction. All transactions are settled at midnight.

Credit: Settled transactions may be credited. A credit appears on the card holder's credit card statement in 7-10 days depending on the issuing bank. Transactions credited prior to the statement closure date, at the end of the month, incur the authorization fee. Transactions credited after the statement closure date incur both the percentage and authorization fee.

Void: Transactions that have not yet settled, voided prior to midnight of the transaction date, incur only the authorization fee and not the percentage fee. Voided transactions, since they have not yet settled, will not show up on the card holder's credit card statement and will never settle.

Step-by-Step Procedure to credit a transaction:

  1. Login to your Connect instance.
  2. Select ‘Transactions & Reports’ from Launcher (Top Right).
  3. Click 'Transactions'.
  4. Select the desired order number to which you want to issue credit.

NOTE: Issue Credit feature is ONLY available for Credit Card and Custom Payment.

  1. In Transaction Details page, click ‘Issue Credit’.

  1. Add an ‘Internal Note’ for future reference.
  2. To send a credit notice to the card holder click on 'Send Confirmation Email' and review the email.
  3. Click ‘Issue Credit’.
Credited transactions will settle automatically at midnight and will take 7-10 days to appear on the card holder's statement depending on the issuing bank. Voided transactions will never settle and as such will never appear on the statement.