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Donor Management with Salesforce: Reconcile your bank deposits

Version: 9.190720xxxx

Applicable to TSYS Merchant Account Users Only

This article will walk you how to generate a Salesforce report to compare with your bank statements.  


When your Patrons fill out a payment form, the transaction data is sent from the form to your Click & Pledge Account and then passed on to your TSys merchant account. TSys processes your transactions for the day in a 'batch' and deposits them into your organization's bank account.
  1. View transaction records coming into your C&P account in Connect
  2. View transactions records coming into your Merchant Account through TransCentral
  3. View transaction records coming into your organization's bank account through TransLink

For determining which transactions are included in the deposits recorded by your bank, you will need a report of your C&P transactions that includes the Transaction Date, Order Number , Amount, and the Gateway Transaction Number. The Order Number represents C&P's unique ID for the transaction, and the Gateway Transaction Number represents the TSys unique ID.

In TransLink, the Gateway Transaction Number is reported as the Transaction Reference ID.

Download TransLink report of bank deposits

  1. Create a support ticket to request a login to TransLink.
  2. Login to TransLink.
  3. Click on "Transactions".
  4. Set your Date Range.
  5. Click ";Create Report"
  6. Click "Excel version with Details" to download the full report.  You will compare the transactions in this report with your Reconciliation report in Salesforce.

Trans Ref# in Excel corresponds to the Gateway Transaction Number in your Connect or Salesforce Reports
Batch Date in TransLink will correspond to the Transaction Date in PST you will create for your Salesforce Report.
ACH Date in TransLink is the date a batch is deposited into your bank account.

Create formula fields for Daily Batches and C&P Merchant Fee

In Salesforce, create a formula field to change the Transaction Date to Pacific Time
  • Field Label: Transaction Date/Time in PST
  • Field Name: Transaction_Date_Time_in_PST__c
  • Formula Return Type: Date/Time
  • Formula: CnP_PaaS__TransactionDate__c - (offset for Time Zone)
    Offset: 1/8 for ET, 1/12 for CT, 1/24 for MT

Create a formula field for C&P Merchant Fee
  • Field Label: C&P Merchant Fee
  • Field Name: C_P_Merchant_Fee__c
  • Formula Return Type: Currency
  • Decimal Places: 2
  • Formula*: 
    CASE( CnP_PaaS__Transaction_Result__c ,
       "Authorized", CnP_PaaS__TotalCharged__c*3.75/100 + 0.37,
       "Declined", 0.35,
       "Credit", 0.70,
* Note: Formula is intended to create a guide for the expected fee; however, this may not reflect the current fee structure.

Create a report to compare with the TransLink Deposit Report

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. Open the C&P Receipts_This_Month_Daily_$ report, and click "Edit".
  3. Remove Transaction Date/Time grouping from the report
  4. Add Account Holder's Name, Gateway Transaction Number, C&P Merchant Fee, Transaction Result, Payment Type and Transaction Date/Time in PT fields to the report layout.
  5. Group by Transaction Date/Time in PT.  This will be your 'Batch Date'.
  6. Add a field filter for Transaction Result not equal to (leave textbox blank).  Click "OK"
  7. Set the date range to use your Transaction Date/Time in PT, and specify the range you plan to review.
  8. Save the report.


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