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GiveBig: Receipt

When a donation is made to your GiveBig page, the donor and your organization's account administrator are emailed a receipt of that transaction. A GiveBig receipt template, located in Click & Pledge Connect, was created for the receipts through the GiveBig platform. If you wish to customize your receipt you may create your own receipt in your Click & Pledge Connect customer portal, then you can select it within your GiveBig payment settings.

To create your new receipt, see the instructions here:

Then after you create your new receipt, go back into your GiveBig settings and select the receipt name. See instructions in slides below:



Watch recorded webinar on GiveBig Receipts:
Webinar covers how to create a custom receipt for your GiveBig campaign. You will learn how to change your receipt's layout, colors, and how to add your own messaging.
Webinar airdate: February 15, 2018

Link to webinar page: