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Donor Management with Salesforce: Processing the Temporary Account when Double the Donation Transaction is posted



Step i: Double the Donation should be integrated to Click & Pledge.

How to integrate Double the Donation to Click & Pledge account:click here 

Step ii: Enable Account Matching Gift in Opportunity, so that an opportunity will be created after processing the Temporary Account.

1.Go to C&P Settings.

2.Click on Opportunity.

3.In opportunities, enable “For Account Matching Gift.” 

Step iii: Enable the Match mode either to Semi-automatic or Manual so that the transaction will be in the C&P Temporary Contact to get process.

If the transaction needs to be posted in the C&P Temporary Contact or C&P Temporary Account, first the Match mode (C&P Settings > Contacts & Accounts > Match Mode) should be either Semi – automatic Contact Creation or Manual Contact Creation.

1.If Semi-automatic Contact Creation is enabled, make sure to give a unique contact name which is not created in the past. Then only, the transaction will be sent to C&P Temporary Contact.

2.If Manual Contact Creation is enabled, any contact will be sent to C&P Temporary Contact.
These are the prerequisites to follow before heading to the actual process.

Now let us see how the C&P Temporary Account process when the Double the Donation transaction is posted.

Step 1: Do one transaction in the C&P Virtual Terminal page by giving the company name in the Double the Donation section. 

After processing the payment from the Virtual Terminal page, you will see a new Temporary Contact created in the C&P Temporary Contact tab.

Step 2: Click the Temporary Contact ID, you will find Contact Details, Transaction Information and Contact Settings.  In Contact Settings, select either New Contact or Select any contact and process it. For more information on C&P Temporary Contacts, click here

Step 3: After clicking on the Process button, based upon the selection, a new contact or the existing contact will be created/updated. At the same time, a temporary account will be created in the C&P Temporary Accounts. Select C&P Temporary Accounts from the All tabs and click on the ID to view the details.

Step 4: After clicking on the Temp ID, you will find Matching Gift Company Info, Double the Donation Donor Info, Transaction Info and Matching Gift Account Settings. In Matching Gift Account Settings, select either New Account or Select any Account and process it. If there are existing accounts, you can merge with that too.

NOTE FOR THE MULTIPLE C&P ACCOUNT USERS: If the Account Number (C&P Settings > Contacts & Accounts > Match Mode > C&P Account Number Match) is enabled, then the existing accounts will be displayed only of the transacted C&P Account Number. If the Account Number (C&P Settings > Contacts & Accounts > Match Mode > C&P Account Number Match) is disabled, then the existing accounts will be displayed of all the C&P Account Numbers which are integrated to that Salesforce instance.

Step 5: After clicking on Process button, go to Accounts tab. In Accounts section, you will find two newly created accounts. One is with the company name and other is with the Account name. Click on the company account. 

Step 6: By clicking on the Company account, you will find the company ID & information of C&P Matching Gift.

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