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Donor Management with Salesforce: Donor Management and NPSP

Version: 9.190720xxxx

Many nonprofits who use Salesforce opt to use both Click & Pledge’s Donor Management App (aka PaaS - Payment as a Service) and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to manage their fundraising activities. You may use both of these apps simultaneously, but it is important to understand how these 2 apps work.

This article will compare how these 2 apps work so you can decide the best way to organize your data.
Settings here refer to NPSP using the default Household Account model  



Initial Settings

Record Types and Page Layouts

NPSP creates Account Record Types of Household and Organization and Opportunity Record Types of NPSP Default and Membership.
C&P creates a Record Type of C&P Online for Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities
C&P Online as a record type does not interfere with NPSP, but you may want to review Page Layouts for Record Type.

Payment Type

NPSP stores Payment Type on Payments under the picklist field Payment Type with values of "Cash, Check, Credit Card, Other".

C&P stores payment type on the Opportunity as the text field C&P Payment Type and uses "VISA, MasterCard, American Express, eCheck" or whatever Custom Payment types you use.

Many nonprofits also create custom payment type fields on the Opportunity, so there are many ways to plan your nonprofit process for this. You cannot change what is written to C&P Payment Type.  You can map C&P's Payment Type to NPSP Payments, but you will need to come up with a strategy to manage the different values for the Payment Type field.

Contact Roles

Both Click & Pledge and NPSP create Contact Roles. C&P should detect the presence of NPSP during installation, and disables Contact Role creation to avoid creating duplicate Contact Roles.

Control automatic Contact Roles in C&P Settings > Opportunity > Contact Roles.

Contact Matching

Salesforce natively includes Email on the Contact.  By default, C&P Donor Management matches on the Contact's First Name, Last Name, and Email.

NPSP adds custom Personal Email, Alternate Email, and Work Email fields, and a Preferred Email picklist with an automation that copies the chosen Preferred Email to the Email field

Recommended Settings:
C&P Settings > Contacts & Accounts > Match Fields
C&P Alias Email, Email, Alternate Email, Personal Email, and Work Email.


Contact Mapping

Salesforce natively includes Email on the Contact.  By default, C&P Donor Management matches on the Contact's First Name, Last Name, and Email.

NPSP adds custom Personal Email, Alternate Email, and Work Email fields, and a Preferred Email picklist with a workflow that copies the chosen Preferred Email to the Email field. Check to make sure this workflow is active, and that Email is populating based on the Preferred Email field.

Recommended Settings:
C&P Settings > Contacts & Accounts > Contact & Account Mapping
Email: Personal Email (or same field as default value for Preferred Email)


Customize Opportunity Names

Both NPSP and C&P have settings to customize the default naming of Opportunities.

NPSP allows the user to create naming by Record Type. C&P allows customization by SKU, by whether or not the transaction is Recurring, or by the Fundraiser in Peer-to-Peer fundraising.

Recommended: C&P's method provides more flexibility, but if using both, exclude the C&P Online Record Type from NPSP naming rules.

Access NPSP Opportunity Naming rules in NPSP Settings > Donations > Opportunity Names
Access C&P Opportunity Naming in C&P Settings > Opportunity > Customize Name

Organization/Group Donations


Recurring Donations

If you're new to Salesforce, NPSP, and Click & Pledge all at the same time- how to collect recurring donations can be confusing- Recurring Donations, Pledges, Opportunities, Donations, Opportunity Settlement, Scheduled Gifts.... what to do?

So here's your ultimate guide for Recurring Donations!



Donation Icon (Salesforce Classic) Opportunity Icon (Lightning)
In some versions of NPSP, Opportunities have been renamed to Donations- they're the same thing.


Opportunity Icon (Salesforce Classic) Opportunity Icon (Lightning)
A term from the Sales in a B2B (Business to Business) environment- sales teams had 'potential deals' with clients, and would move through to the final sale.

In a Salesforce nonprofit environment - Opportunities can represent any and all of these terms - depending on how you structure your Organization's data 

Opportunity Settlement

PaaS Icon
A feature of Click&Pledge to manage payments under an Opportunity. You use it by adding the C&P Manual Opportunity Settlement (VisualForce Page) to the Contact Layout 


Payments is a child object of the parent object Opportunity, and is installed with NPSP.  A single Opportunity can have multiple related Payments.


Donation Icon (Salesforce Classic) PaaS Icon Opportunity Icon (Lightning)
In the Salesforce nonprofit world, 'pledge' is not very specific.

In NPSP, pledges can either be recorded as scheduled gifts- where one Opportunity has Payments that are Paid - or as Recurring Donations with a defined end date.

Click & Pledge has a separate object installed with Donor Management called Pledges. C&P Pledges must be manually created inside Salesforce. Opportunities have a lookup field to associate them with a C&P Pledge. Payments may be assigned to a pledge based on the pledge's SKU conditions.

Recurring Donation

NPSP - Recurring Donation is a parent object of Opportunities.  Recurring Donations auto-create open Opportunities based on  NPSP Settings, and as payments are made, the nonprofit manually changes the status on the Opportunity

Click & Pledge defines Recurring Donations as donations that have been scheduled for automatic payments by a credit card or e-check. 

Automatically linking a C&P-created Opportunity to an NPSP Recurring Donation only occurs if you  pass the Recurring Donation ID through the form. Currently, this can only be done with a C&P FaaS form, typically designed by a consulting partner.

Scheduled Gift or Scheduled Payment

Scheduled Gifts use NPSP Payments.  You can schedule a payment using the Schedule Payments button (Salesforce Classic) or the Schedule Payments dropdown option (Lightning).

Click & Pledge's version of a scheduled payment is the Opportunity Settlement.  The user can manually settle open opportunities from the Contact Detail screen in Salesforce


NPSP Memberships

Managed by custom membership fields on Salesforce Opportunities, and rollups to the Contact and Account.


Maps fields to Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities in Salesforce by SKU.

Matching Gifts

There are two ways to configure Donor Management to work with NPSP Matching Gifts.
  1. Record Types, Custom Questions, and Custom Question Mapping 
  2. Double the Donation Integration - *requires Double the Donation account

Method 1: Donor Management adds minimal additional functionality with NPSP Matching Gifts; however, the bulk of the Matching Gift management still falls on the organization. 
Method 2: Click&Pledge offers a special trial for a third party integration with Double the Donation, so your organization can cost-justify your decision.  Double the Donation monitors corporate matching gift polices. This integration works tightly with NPSP's Matching Gift functionality, so that processing Matching Gifts is a cinch!

Prep: Review NPSP: Work with Matching Gifts documentation in the Power of Us Hub (requires account)

Method 1: Record Types, Custom Questions, and Custom Question Mapping

  1. Add Custom Question to your Connect Campaign with a SKU suffix
  2. Add Record Types for your Matching Gift Custom Question
  3. Add a Custom SKU Mapping for NPSP's Matching Gift Status field
  4. Add a Custom Question Mapping for NPSP's Matching Gift Employer field

Method 2Double the Donation Integration

  1. Verify Double the Donation integration in Connect and in Salesforce
  2. Enable NPSP Matching Gift Integration in C&P Settings
  3. Set Account Matching Gift to an Open stage
  4. Add Record Types for Matching Gift Contact and Account