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Connect: Facebook Ads

We offer an integration with Facebook’s Ads Manager for you to design and publish Facebook advertisements on behalf of your organization. You may link your ad to either your campaign page or your payment form, created with Connect. They are available at no cost to your organization. Click & Pledge will pay for your ad. You may create one Facebook Ad per campaign.

Diagram of Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad Diagram

Steps to Create a Facebook Ad

Step 1: From Fundraising Section click on Campaigns

Step 2: Chose a campaign for the Facebook Ad by clicking on the campaign name

Step 3: Click on Ad Manager

Step 4: Click on Create Ad button

Step 5: Enter an Ad Name

Step 6: Choose either the default Audience File which is your list of patrons from your Click & Pledge account or you may create a custom audience list.

To create a custom list, choose Upload a Custom CSV file. You can then download the Audience CSV file which you may use as a template. Make edits as needed, save to your computer, then upload the new custom file.

Step 7: Enter text for your ad.

Step 8: Upload an image.

Step 9: Link your Facebook ad to one of your campaign’s Connect pages. Dropdown list will include your Campaign’s Connect webpage or any custom payment forms you have created.

Step 10: Enter an Ad Headline.

Step 11: Choose a button option from dropdown list. These are recommended Facebook button options.

Step 12: Read and enter the checkbox to agree to the Terms of Use.

Step 13: Click “Post Ad” to submit Ad. There is not a fixed time frame the ad will appear.


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