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Swiper1: Event Settings

Swiper1 is fully integrated with Salesforce CRM and can do Salesforce Events attendee registration and manual check-in / Check-out. This article gives the detailed description of the Event Settings on:
  1. User Registration
  2. Check-in/Check-out
  3. Auto-Attendant
NOTE: Make sure to have an active Salesforce connection so that you will see Event Settings option in Settings.

Once logged into the Swiper1 app, click on the menu button and select Settings. To change/update the Event settings, go to Menu > Settings > Event Settings.


User Registration

Click on User Registration and press on Request Authorization. Each device should be authorized in Salesforce prior to performing any action on the event attendees.

Step 1: After clicking on ‘Request Authorization’, it will show the Authorized status.

NOTE: Skip Step 2 & 3 if the Status is Authorized.

Step 2: If the status is ‘Pending’, then Login to Salesforce > C&P Event Management > Swiper1 Global Access and authorize the device by clicking on the edit button.

Step 3: Enter the C&P Account Number, Account Name, User ID, Start Date, End date, Status (Set to Authorized) and select the events on which Registrations and Check-In and Check-Out actions should be performed. Only selected events will be displayed in user’s Swiper1 app. 

Don’t forget to Save the changes. Once saves, the status will change from Pending to Authorized.

Step 4: In Swiper1, go to the main screen and the option for Event will be available as shown below: 



These are the filters available for attendee listing. Show or hide the attendees that have Not Checked-In, Checked-In, and Checked-Out. The changes made here will reflect in all the events.

Eg: - To view only Checked-In attendees, then enable the checkbox for Checked-In and save the changes. Go to the main screen, Click Events > Select the desired Event > Manual Check-In. You can only view the attendees who are checked-In for the Event.


Auto-Attendant settings helps the user to check-in & check-out by themselves. User can check-in with scanning and check-out by providing the Auto-Attendant Exit Code.

NOTE: Only by enabling the Auto-Attendant button here, you will see the Auto-Attendant option in the full report of any event.

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