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Swiper1: General Settings & Cash Register Default

Navigate to Menu ( ) > Settings > Additional Options > General Settings

General Settings

Require signature for all transactions
Set minimum amount before a signature is required to complete a transaction.
Enables 'pre-swipe' functionality. Pre-authorization does a transaction of $0.00, but will incur per-transaction fee. Enter the number of days to pre-approve for charge/s to be run later.
Add Billing Information
Adds Address, City, Country, State, Zip/Postal Code and Phone to the Billing Information screen.
Sales Tax Option
Set default value for Sales Tax on the Item Creation screen. e.g. 6.75%
Set default value for % Tax-deductible on the Item Creation screen.
Default SKU
Set a default SKU for the Item Creation screen.
C&P Campaign Integration
Select the default Campaign for Item Creation, and choose whether to allow Campaign editing.
Tracker Information
Enter a value to be passed in the Tracker field.

Cash Register Default

Default product may be defined to minimize field entry at the time of processing. The fields which are entered here will be auto-populated on the cash register.
Toggle Enable the Cash Register enter the default item details.

Enter a default Item Name.

Enter a default Unit Price of the Item.

Press the ‘+’ symbol to increase the default quantity and ‘-‘symbol to decrease the default quantity.

After entering the details, click on “Save Changes” button.

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