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Connect: Campaigns and Payment Forms

Any transaction that occurs through Click & Pledge's Connect platform will be applied to a specific campaign. Campaigns allow the organization to track their fundraising success. Every Click & Pledge customer will have one default campaign already created so the organization can accept donations through the Connect platform. Each organization can create an unlimited number of campaigns in Connect. This article gives the detailed information on how to create campaigns and donation forms.

This article includes the following topics:

  1. Quick Start Video: Create Mobile-friendly Donation Form in 5 steps
  2. Create a New Campaign
  3. Payment Forms
  4. Add Payment Forms to Your Website
    1. Direct Link
    2. Inline Iframe
    3. Overlay

Quick Start Video: Create Mobile-friendly Donation Form

The following video guides you through the 5-step process to create a donation form.
  1. Click Campaign
  2. Click a Campaign Name
  3. Click Form Builder
  4. Choose a Template and click Select
  5. Click SAVE, then follow the prompts by entering in a form name and click SAVE FORM

Step-by-Step Instructions to Create a New Campaign


Payment Forms - Form Builder and Widget

Add Payment Forms to your Website Once you have created a Payment Form [Fundraising >  Campaigns  > Select Desired Campaign > Payment Forms > Saved Forms] there are three options to display the forms:
  1. Direct Link. Direct Link is a Standalone webpage.
  2. Inline Iframe. Inline iframe is code you can embed into your website.
  3. Overlay. Overlay is iframe code that appears over your webpage.

To retrieve the code for the options, go to a created payment page and click the Get Code icon.

Watch video to learn more: Form Links


Tutorial: Connect Form Links from Click & Pledge on Vimeo.

Direct Link



Inline Iframe