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Donor Management with Salesforce: Transaction Detailed Page

Version: 9.190218xxxx

All the successful transactions will be stored in the C&P Transactions. With the help of order number, we can find the transaction details of a particular transaction.

The following actions may be performed on a transaction detailed page:
  • Edit
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Resend Autoresponder
  • Issue Credit
  • Process Similar Transaction
  • Activity
  • Field Set
Here is the description for each of the options available in the transaction detailed page:
  • Edit: It enables to edit the Account & Contact name so that the transaction details will be changed to that Account & Contact names. By clicking on Edit button, it also enables to edit the tracking and field set information. After making the necessary changes, click on SAVE.
  • Virtual Terminal: This button ensures to perform one more transaction with the same first & last name. Card On-File option is also available, in which the transaction can be finished with the previous payment details.
  •  Resend Autoresponder: Autoresponder will fire if it meets all the mandatory conditions.  
  • Issue Credit: By clicking this button, Issue Credit can be processed.
  •  Process Similar Transaction: By clicking this button, you will be redirected to the C&P Virtual Terminal page with the similar payment description. 

  • Activity: It helps to assign tasks to others. This option is for internal use only. Click on the Activity button to view its option:


Assigned to, Subject, Status, and priority was the mandatory fields. Remainder and attachments were the extra options available.
  • Field Set: A field set is a grouping of fields. Field sets can be displayed on Visualforce pages and added to manage packages. Organizations with field sets deployed can add, remove, or rearrange fields from the field set, without altering the Visualforce page. To add the fields in the field set, go to Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects > C&P Transaction (Click on it) > Field Sets > Add the required fields.

NOTE: If the custom fields were created for lookup fields, then those will also display in the Field Set section. 

For more information on Field Set, Click here.

C&P Transaction History: It is the record of tracking history which are processed through virtual terminal. Charges made by a user will track the "User Name" of the user.

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