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Donor Management with Salesforce: Transaction Detail Page

Version: 9.190720xxxx

All the successful transactions will be stored in the C&P Transactions. With the help of order number, we can find the transaction details of a particular transaction.  

Transaction Detail Buttons

  • Edit: It enables to edit the Account & Contact name so that the transaction details will be changed to that Account & Contact names. By clicking on Edit button, it also enables to edit the tracking and field set information. After making the necessary changes, click on SAVE.
  • Virtual Terminal - This button ensures to perform one more transaction with the same first & last name. Card On-File option is also available, in which the transaction can be finished with the previous payment details.
  • Resend Autoresponder - Autoresponder will fire if it meets all the mandatory conditions.  
  • Issue Credit - By clicking this button, Issue Credit can be processed.
  • Process Similar Transaction - By clicking this button, you will be redirected to the C&P Virtual Terminal page with the similar payment description. 
  • Activity - Creates a New Task related to the Transaction.   

Transaction Information

  • Order Number - the unique ID Click & Pledge assigns to a transaction. This serves as the Salesforce Object Name for the C&P Transaction Object, so clicking on the Order Number elsewhere in Salesforce will bring you to the C&P transaction record.
  • Recurring ID - the unique auto-number ID that serves as the Salesforce Object Name for the C&P Recurring Object. Distinguish from the C&P Recurring Transaction ID, which serves as the ID for the C&P Recurring Transactions Object.
  • Transaction Date/Time - the date/timestamp when your C&P account received the transaction, just after the payment form was submitted, but before the merchant account receives the data for the transaction.
  • Authorization Code - issued by the merchant account once the transaction is authorized
  • Transaction Type - Indicates whether a transaction was 'Live' or 'Test'
  • Contact - the Salesforce Contact that has been associated with this transaction
  • Account - the Salesforce Account that has been associated with the transaction
  • Transaction Status - Indicates whether the transaction was 'Authorized', 'Credit' (aka refunded), or 'Declined'.
    Be aware that the merchant banks do not typically provide notification if an echeck is rejected, so in this situation the Transaction result may not be accurate.
  • Status Detail: Status Detail shows the message from the gateway in response to the transaction response. The details of a credit card decline will be listed in this field.
  • Gateway Transaction Number - the unique ID assigned by the merchant bank to the transaction. For TSYS accounts, this number appears as Tran Ref # when accessing the merchant bank's reports.
  • Application Name - indicates the Click & Pledge product that hosted the payment form used to complete the transaction.  


  • Currency Symbol - identifies currency used for transaction
  • Shipping Cost - shipping cost applied to the entire transaction
  • Deductible - the total amount in the transaction that has been specified as tax-deductible
  • Coupon Code - the coupon code that was applied for the entire transaction.  If a discount amount is listed for the transaction but no coupon code is listed, please review coupons that may have been applied for each line item in the transaction.
  • Total Charged - Total charged to the patron
  • Convenience Fee -
  • Tax - Tax charged on the transaction
  • Discount - Total amount of discount/s applied to the transaction  

Payment Type Information

  • Payment Type - form of payment used, such as Credit Card, Cash Check, or the assigned name of a Custom Payment
  • Credit Card Last 4 digits - Last 4 digits of the credit card used to make payment, useful for distinguishing between multiple cards a Contact may have on file.
  • Credit Card Expiration - date recorded as the credit card's expiration date
  • Credit Card Name - name of the type of credit card, e.g. VISA
  • Account Holder's Name - name entered in Billing Information as the name on the card  

Checkout Page Information

  • C&P Account Number - 5 digit number used to identify the C&P account 
  • Form Name - Name given to the form to distinguish it from similar forms.  
  • URL Referrer -
  • Click & Pledge Account Name - Account Name as specified in Connect > Settings > Account Information
  • Form ID - Unique ID assigned to a C&P payment form, aka WID or Form GUID.  In Connect, the Form ID can be displayed when viewing forms in the Form Builder's List View   

Tracking Information

  • Tracker - Value that may be assigned to a payment form as a URL parameter to help indicate its source, such as a Facebook Ad, or different email for a specific Campaign,  Use the tracker value to inform the Contact Role, Name, Record Type, or Campaign (or subCampaign if you have a child campaign for each distribution of a Parent Campaign) of an Opportunity.   
  • Campaign - Salesforce Campaign related to the C&P Transaction.  This DOES NOT NECESSARILY set the Salesforce Campaign on the Opportunity (which takes the Salesforce Campaign specified for the 'line item').
  • Case -
  • Receipt Number - Unique number assigned to the Receipt that is issued by Connect. A single transaction may have multiple Receipt Numbers if the receipt is issued to the Patron multiple times.
  • Connect Campaign Alias - Unique alias assigned to a Connect Campaign.  


This section will only appear when a transaction occurs through a Connect: SMSgiving form, and is unrelated to the Salesforce SMS Autoresponder.
  • Sent to Phone Number - The Twilio number integrated with Connect.
  • Message Name - Name assigned to a specific SMSgiving Message in Connect.
  • Initiator Phone Number - Phone number that issued the text that triggered a response by the Connect SMSgiving Message.  This number is encoded in the form link returned by the SMSgiving Message.
  • Received SMS - Message the patron used to trigger the response from the Connect SMSgiving Message  

System Information

  • Created By -
  • Last Modified By -
  • Owner -
  • Processed By -
  • Credited By -  

Custom Field Set

  • Field Set: A field set is a grouping of fields. Field sets can be displayed on Visualforce pages and added to manage packages. Organizations with field sets deployed can add, remove, or rearrange fields from the field set, without altering the Visualforce page. To add the fields in the field set, go to Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects > C&P Transaction (Click on it) > Field Sets > Add the required fields.

NOTE: If the custom fields were created for lookup fields, then those will also display in the Field Set section. 

For more information on Field Set, Click here.

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