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By default, anytime a successful transaction occurs a 'System Default' receipt is emailed out to the patron and to the organization’s email address provided during the account sign-up process. If you wish to customize your organization’s receipts and who receives those receipts, you may use the Receipt Builder, Receipt Number, and Receipt Settings to do so.

Within your account receipts (Settings > Receipt) section there are 3 subsections which are described below.

This article includes the following topics: 

1. Receipt Sections
2. How do I get started?
3. Working with Receipt Builder: Slideshow
4. Working with Receipt Number: Slideshow
5. Working with Receipt Settings: Slideshow

Receipt Sections

Receipt Builder. Here you may create custom receipt templates. The primary merge fields for a transaction are already populated with the receipt templates. You may add and delete fields as you wish. You may customize colors, add text, and add a PDF cover sheet as an attachment to the emailed receipt. Once you have created a custom template, you may select them as a default template using
Receipt Settings or add them to any of your Campaigns [Fundraising > Campaigns > (select your) Campaign Name > Campaign Details > Receipt Information].

Receipt Number. You may add a serial number to your receipts. This allows you to have a unique numbering system. This complies with Canadian donation guidelines.

Receipt Settings. Here you may set up your default values for receipts. Within Receipt Settings you may customize email subject lines, to/from email addresses, and select a receipt template for your different audiences. Email receipts may be customized for your patrons, patrons who give to fundraising pages, fundraisers who have received donations, and internal notifications (to your internal staff).

How do I get started?

Let’s discuss the basics. With receipts we provide a default template for your receipts. If you wish, you may create a new receipt using the Receipt Builder. Then once you have a receipt you are happy with, you go to Receipt Settings and choose it as your template choice for your audiences or you may go to individual Campaigns to select your custom receipt.
  1. Customize your receipt template.
The System Default receipt template has already been created for you and will be used for your receipts by default. We also understand that many customers would like to customize their receipt template(s). Fortunately with Receipt Builder, you may do that.

The simplest way to create a custom receipt is to make edits to the System Default Template and select 'Save As' to save it as a new template. We recommend doing this so you have a copy of the original in case you need it in the future.

Or if you want a different look, select another receipt template then edit and save it. If you wish you may click Build New Receipt to start from scratch and create a completely new receipt. You may create as many receipt templates as you like.
  1. In Receipt Settings, choose the receipt template you wish to use as your defaults.
Once you have a receipt template you wish to use, then go to Receipt Settings and select your receipt template’s name in template fields, then click ‘Update’ to save.
  1. Create more templates. (Optional)
With receipt templates, you have complete flexibility. If you want to create different receipt templates for different audiences (patrons, fundraisers, internal staff) or for different campaigns, go ahead. You may create as many receipt templates as you need. 

Working with Receipt Builder: Slideshow


Working with Receipt Number: Slideshow


Working with Receipt Settings: Slideshow

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