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Donor Management with Salesforce: Single Transaction

Version: 9.190720xxxx

The virtual terminal is a complete PCI compliant [See certification] and certified payment processing system.  Patrons' credit card and eChecks may be processed through the terminal within any Salesforce user's account.

Step 1: Login to the Salesforce account.

Step 2: Click on C&P Virtual Terminal. If it is not in the menu bar then click on the All tabs (+) button which is at the right corner of the menu bar.

Step 3: Processing Type: Please select “Single Transaction” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Click & Pledge Account Information: If you have only one C&P Account, then automatically it will be selected. If you have more than one C&P Account, then select the appropriate account from the drop-down menu. We may also process zero dollar transactions to preauthorize credit card.

Step 5: Payment Description: Enter the details of the payment. The grand total will be automatically calculated according to the input given. Item Campaign will help to segregate the entire items amount under desired campaign. You can also add items by clicking on “Add Item” button.

NOTE: The button used in the Campaign Tab to open the Virtual Terminal will add the campaign automatically to the Item Campaign field. The new parameter, ItemSFCampaignId, is part of the Virtual Terminal URL and may be removed by creating a new custom button if the campaign is not needed for each item. The item campaign takes priority over the default setting in the virtual terminal, if present.

Step 6: Recurring: Recurring option will be enabled only after giving the unit prize (more than zero dollars) in the Payment Description section. Recurring payment can be made either through subscription or installments.

Subscription: Range is from 2 to 999. By enabling ‘Set to indefinite’, the patron is going to pay the grand total amount for 999 times. If the option is not enabled, then the patron can either give “# of installments” or “End Date” details.

Installments: Range is from 2 to 998. For Installment, there won’t be “Set to indefinite” option. The grand total amount will be equally divided based upon the number of installments given. The patron can either give “# of installments” or “End Date” details.

Step 7: Billing Information: Billing information can be entered manually or with an already existing patron. Just by entering the name of the candidate in the existing patron then a dropdown menu will show his/her details only if it already exists. Only first and last name and email address are the mandatory fields. If “Address1” field is given then country & state/province fields will become mandatory fields.

NOTE: If the Account Number (C&P Settings > C&P Account > Match Mode > C&P Account Number Match) is enabled, then the system will search the patron details of the existing patron only in the Account Number selected in the C&P Account Number (See Step: 4). If the Account Number (C&P Settings > C&P Account > Match Mode > C&P Account Number Match) is disabled, then the Existing Patron will search the patron details in all the Account Numbers which are integrated to that Salesforce instance.

Step 8: Shipping Information: By enabling the checkbox for “Use same address as Billing”, same Billing Information can be considered for Shipping Information too. If it is not enabled, then manually the information can be entered. Shipping Information will be mandatory only when Shipping & Convenience fee were charged.

Step 9: Tracker & Campaign: Tracker: Additional tracking parameter saved with each transaction. Tracker will be available in the portal.

Transaction Campaign: The patron will become the member of the transaction campaign which is entered. If the entered campaign name does not exist, it will be created dynamically.

NOTE: The button used in the Campaign Tab to open the Virtual Terminal will add the campaign automatically to the Transaction Campaign field.

Connect Campaign: If the same C&P Account Number is associated with both Salesforce & Connect platforms, then the connect campaigns will be displayed as a picklist. 

Form Name:
The list of Form Builders available under the selected Connect Campaign will displayed as a picklist. After processing a transaction, instead of generic receipt, the selected form receipt will send to the email.

Step 10: Additional Questions: Additional questions can be created in C&P Settings > Virtual Terminal > Additional Questions. The answer can be maximum of 500 characters. Do not use either equal (=) or ampersand (&) in the question or answer as they are not supported. Make sure to answer the mandatory questions. To add new questions, click on “Add Question” button.

Step 11: Receipt Customization: Enter the Receipt Header, Terms & Conditions, and internal notification. These will appear only when the checkbox is enabled for “Send Email to Patron”.

Step 12: Double the Donation: This option will be active only when DTD is integrated to Salesforce (C&P Settings > Third Party) and DTD is enabled in VT Settings (C&P Settings > Virtual Terminal > Third Party).

Step 13: Payment Method: Payment can be made by credit card, eCheck, and other. Future date transactions can also be made with these four methods. But recurring options will be available only for credit card and eCheck.
  • Credit Card: Only Present and Future date transactions are allowed while no past date transaction may be processed.
  • eCheck: eCheck Transactions have a blackout period of 7 days, per NACHA regulation. A transaction set for a future date processing has to be set 7 days after the initial pre-authorization. 
  • Custom Payment Type: Only past and present transactions are allowed while no future date transaction may be processed.

NOTE: While using Canadian Dollar for eCheck, make sure to fill the extra fields (Bank Number, Transit Number).

Step 14: After entering all the details, click on “Process Payment” button.

Virtual Terminal URL Parameter:
  1. Campaign parameter can be added to the Virtual Terminal URL by adding “&sfCampaignId=VALUE” at the end of the URL. Replace VALUE with the Campaign ID. By adding this, automatically the transaction campaign will be replaced with the given campaign.  

  1. By adding &CnPAID=3***2 (Click & Pledge Account Number) at the end of the URL, the Click & Pledge Account Information tab will disappear from the VT page and the given account number in the URL will be in active.

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