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Donor Management with Salesforce: C&P Alias

Version: 9.190720xxxx


C&P Contact Alias will be created only when the Match Fields (C&P Settings > Contacts & Accounts > Match Fields) are matched and, at least, one field information is different compare to the matching contact.

Eg: - Consider there are two contacts with same first name, last name and email (Match fields are considered based upon the below screenshot).

First Name: John                                                                       First Name: John

Last Name: Smith                                                                      Last Name: Smith

Email:                                                    Email:

Phone: 1111111111111111111                                              Phone: 22222222222222222222

Street: 58 Herschel Street,                                                         Street: 58 Herschel Street,

City: Slough                                                                              City: Slough

State: Berkshire                                                                        State: Berkshire   
Postal Code: 454512                                                                Postal Code: 454513

Country: UK                                                                                   Country: UK

Contact Alias will be created as phone number and postal code is different.
C&P Contact Alias should be added into contact detail page. Here is the path:

Go to desired Contact > Edit Layout > Fields > C&P Alias Contact

C&P Contact Alias:

Edit: Alias Info can be edited by clicking this button.

Copy to Contact: By clicking this button, the existing record will be overwritten by the Alias Information.

Delete: By clicking this button, Alias will be deleted.

Back: By clicking this button, you will be reverted to the contact detail page.

Copy to Contact & Delete: By clicking this button, the existing record will be overwritten & deleted by the Alias Information.

Map to Contact Record: Both Alias information & Existing Record will display based upon the option selected from each field. Every field has the drop-down menu.

Eg: - Phone

These are the options available for phone. Based upon the selection, the phone number will be changed in both Alias & Existing contact. 

Disabling any field will not change the information of the existing contact when “Copy to Contact” option is selected.

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