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GiveBig: Facebook Share Message

This article contains two sets of instructions. First are instructions to set up your social share messages. Second are instructions to clear the Facebook cache. Typically you do need to clear your Facebook cache to have your updated social share message show there. If you do not clear the Facebook cache, then previous social share messages will usually show.

Instructions to:

Set Up Social Share Messages

With the GiveBig Platform you can add text to be used for social share messages. There are 2 types of share messages, a general share message and an 'after donation' share message. When you login to GiveBig you can enter in your text under 'Share Message' Tab.

Share Message

Clear Facebook's Cache

Caching Issue with Facebook
One common occurrence we have seen with Facebook is that old share messages will continue to appear even after you have updated the message.
Facebook uses a technique called “caching,” a temporary storing of content, to make sure your site loads quickly. When you change your Facebook share message within the Give Big platform it can take some time for Facebook to start using the new message. To wipe out the previous message you will need to use a Facebook tool called the Open Graph Debugger. Here you insert your organizations GiveBig URL link to scrape the existing information.


Here are the steps to clear your Facebook Social Share message

Step 1: Find your organization’s GiveBig URL. To find this go to your organization’s profile page on the website, then copy the link from the browser at the top.

An example of an organizations's GiveBig url is

Step 2: Go to the Facebook debugger page:

Step 3: Paste your GiveBig URL in the field and click on ‘Fetch new scrape information’. Information on your Meta Tags, etc. will appear.

Step 4: Repeat the last step, EXCEPT add a / (forward slash) to the end of your GiveBig URL, then click on ‘Fetch new scrape information’.