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Swiper1: Payment Processing Options

The payment page is the screen where the payment details are submitted. Payments may be accepted as Credit Cards, eCheck, or Custom Payment.
  1. Process Credit Card with Manual Entry
  2. Process Credit Card with QR - Pay
  3. Process Credit Card with Swiper1 Device
  4. Process Credit Card with Quick Pay
  5. Process Custom Payment Types - Cash, Check, etc.
  6. Lookup Patron in Salesforce

Process Credit Card with Manual Entry

This is the default option where the customer provides his/her credit card information to process the transaction. This information can be manually typed into the required fields. After entering all the information, click on Process.

If you wish to add Billing information fields, click on Menu > Settings > Additional Options > General Settings > Add Billing Information (Enable the checkbox).


Process Credit Card with QR - Pay


QR-Pay can be used if you wish to pre-authorize a credit card for a purchase later. Billing address and payment details can be entered through QR-Pay. Once the option is selected, the camera will be activated. Make sure that the QR-Code is in the given marks. Automatically, the details will be entered. Click on “Process” button to process the transaction.

Process Credit Card with Swiper1 Device

The Swiper1 plugs directly into an Android or iPhone mobile phone through the audio-jack and processes credit cards securely. Make sure to enable the appropriate version of the Swiper1 device in Device Manager (Menu > Device Manager) to process the credit card successfully.

Process Credit Card with Quick Pay

If you have processed a patron’s transaction using your Swiper1 App, then you may recall that patron’s previous transaction information’s for a new transaction. Click Quick Pay so that you will be redirected to the Reports (Menu > Reports). Select the appropriate transaction by providing Start Date & End Date along with the Customer Name in the Search Bar. Based upon the search criteria entered, a list of transactions will be displayed. Select the desired transaction and click on “Charge This Account” to process a new transaction.

Process eChecks

An eCheck (or electronic check) is an electronic version of a paper check used to make payments online. To enable this option, click on Menu > Merchant Profile > Payment Types > eCheck.

To complete eCheck transactions, the patron will need to provide their account and routing numbers for their checking account. 


Enter the required information then select Process to complete the transaction.


Process Custom Payment Types

The “Others” payment option allows you to accept other forms of payments not mentioned above. Typically, this is used by organizations to track cash or customized payments like coupons, vouchers or invoices. These custom payments are not processed through the organization’s bank, so there are no bank processing fees charged to the organization to enter these transactions.

To enable this option, click on Menu > Merchant Profile > Payment Types > Custom. Add the custom payment names like Cash, Coupon, etc. to display in the payment page.

NOTE: Custom payment is available only for one-time payments, not for recurring payments.

Lookup Patron in Salesforce

Enter the Patron's first and last name and click ‘Contact Lookup in Salesforce’ button. By selecting the appropriate Contact, the email address which is saved in the Salesforce Contact can be retrieved.

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