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PrestaShop Integration

How to integrate Click & Pledge with PrestaShop (version 1.4)

Below is a brief explanation of installation. For detailed instructions and corresponding images see Click & Pledge's online manual:
Installation of PrestaShop and integration with Click & Pledge
Once that you have installed the PrestaShop package to your server you will need to install the Click & Pledge Payment Module and activate it.

Download the Click & Pledge installer:
To add the Click & Pledge Payment Module:
  1. Click on Modules
  2. Select Payments & Gateways
  3. Locate Click and Pledge v1.0 by Click & Pledge
  4. Click on Install and Confirm
Once the Module has been installed you will need to add some basic information to the Click and Pledge API module in order to accept payments. The information you will need from your Click & Pledge account will include the Account ID and the Account GUID that you can obtain by logging into your Click & Pledge account and going to Account Info>Profile>API Information area.

To add your Click & Pledge information to accept payments:
  1. Click on Payment
  2. Click on ‘Click to see the list of payment modules.’
  3. Under Click and Pledge API v1.0 select Configure
  4. Enter Account ID
  5. Enter GUID
  6. Click on Update Settings

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