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Donor Management with Salesforce: C&P Settings - Connections (Relationships and Soft Credits)

Version: 9.190720xxxx​

Since release 7.4; you can create relationships, apply relationships to Contacts, and set up automated soft credits. These two features are the part of Connections.

Relationships. With relationships, you can define the relationships between Contacts, such as Wife - Husband, Mother - Daughter, Manager - Employee, Coach - Player
Soft credits. Soft credits allow you to assign payment credit to a contact who is not the donor. Soft credits can be applied manually or by using SKUs to automatically apply for a soft credit. With soft credits, you select a percentage of the transaction that would be applied to a Contact with a relationship to the donor.

To do this you will need to:
  1. Enter Relationship types in C&P Settings > Connections by clicking 'Add New.'See image 1 & 2 below.
  2. In Contact page, create Relationship(s) for contact. When creating a Relationship you may set up Soft Credits to the related Contact to be applied for future transactions using Percent and/or Contact Role based on SKU. See image 3 below.
Note: If you wish to set up a Soft Credit to always be applied to a relationship, then you will need to create 2 relationships between Contacts. In one relationship in 'When SKU Is' select 'Any'. In the other relationship in 'When SKU Is' select 'Is', then leave SKU field empty.

Image 1: Enter Relationship Types

Image 2: List of Relationship

Please note that once a relationship has been defined and assigned to a Contact it cannot be deleted or edited. To edit or delete a relationship all references to the Relationship have to be removed.
Image 3: In John Smith's Contact page, create Relationship between John Smith & Jonathan Edward's Contact record

Once a relationship has been defined the reverse relationship will be automatically added to the related contacted. For example in the above example the following is automatically created for John Smith without the soft credit information:

Relationship: Son
Contact: Jonathan Edward
Reverse relationship: Father

Updating a Contact's relationship will NOT update the reciprocal relationship due to potential inconsistencies that may arise under certain conditions.

Compatibility considerations with the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP)

NPSP assigns Contact Roles for Soft Credits without giving an exact portion of a payment as a soft credit. Contact Roles may be assigned through SKU's to each Opportunity in combination with the NPSP's implementation and reports.

Use cases where assigning Contact Roles based on SKU may be more beneficial are as follows:
  • Jonathan wishes to give soft credit to John when making a donation to a cause but when purchasing a T-Shirt from the store.
  • Jonathan wishes to give soft credit to his father when purchasing a family membership but not when making a donation.

Using SKU offers a degree of granularity that is otherwise not possible.

We love to hear your use cases and how this feature may help you achieve your goal. Also feel free to post your comments about scenarios that cannot be addressed through this feature as we are always looking for ways we can improve the platform.

The following video provides an overview of the feature:

& how to set up Soft Credit using Contact Roles

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