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Donor Management with Salesforce: Opportunity Manual Settlement

Opportunities may be created and settled manually using the Virtual Terminal without creating duplicate opportunities. Manual Settlement of opportunities requires initial setup of Stages that are qualified for inclusion in the manual settlement.
  • Opportunities with stages set to be available for manual settlement in the C&P Settings > Opportunities 
  • Opportunities with probability of less than 100%
The following provide step-by-step procedure for creating an opportunity for manual settlement: 

Step 0: Add "C&P Miscellaneous" to the Contact Layout [The visual force page also includes Relationships" and "Credit Card Payments"
  • Select any Contact and click on the "Edit Layout"
  • Drag and drop the "C&P Miscellaneous" to a section in your Contact layout page.
Step 1: In C&P Settings > Opportunity tab select the stages that qualify for manual settlement. Only opportunities that are set with the selected stages will be offered for manual settlement:
Step 2: In a Contact Record click on "New Opportunity"
Step 3: Create an opportunity with Probability (%) of less than 100% and select a stage that is one of the selected stages in Step 1.
Post Installation Step: 
  • In Visualforce Pages of Contact layout page, select Section and name it as C&P Info. Drag and drop the "C&P Manual Opportunity Settlement" into it.

Step 4: Select the Opportunity to be settled and click on the "Opportunity Settlement" button.
Step 5: The Virtual Terminal will be pre-populated with the selected opportunity. Additional items may be added in the virtual terminal and additional opportunities will be created for those manually added. The opportunity selected in Step 4 will NOT be created again and its information will be updated with the transaction information. Once settled the opportunity will no longer appear in the Manual Opportunity Settlement section.

Multiple opportunities may be selected at one time for settlement.

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