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Donor Management with Salesforce: C&P Settings - About C&P Apps

Version: 9.190720xxxx

In Click & Pledge, we are basically using three applications. They are:

1. Click & Pledge PaaS Class Library

2. Click & Pledge Payment as a Service/Donor Management

3. Click & Pledge Events

This is also the order of installing the applications from the AppExchange.

NOTE: If Click & Pledge Events is not installed then only Click & Pledge Class Library & Click & Pledge Payment as a Service will be displayed. To install Click & Pledge Events, first Click & Pledge PaaS Class Library should be installed and Click & Pledge Payment as a Service should be installed.

C&P Apps is the place where you will find the status of these three applications.

Step 1: Click on About C&P Apps in C&P Settings.

Step 2: Click on Sync for Updates to know whether you are using the updated versions or not. The following screen will clearly explain everything.

Package Name: It lists the names of the applications installed in your Salesforce instance.

Installed Version Number: The installed version number will be given here along with the release date.

Update Available: If the installed app version is as same as the AppExchange version then it shows ‘Up-to-date’. If the installed app version is out of date, then AppExchange version link is provided to update the apps.

Additional Resources: Links to the release notes, Knowledge Base, Salesforce Hub and Community forum for the respective application is provided.

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