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Donor Management with Salesforce: C&P Settings - SMTP

Version: 9.190720xxxx

The Donor Management application in Salesforce offers several methods through which an email may be sent for event tickets and auto-responders. In general Salesforce offers its own SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers for sending emails but the daily limit imposed on emails is low for most organizations. The following provide more information about the limits:

To overcome the 1000 daily email limitation, two additional features are provided as part of the Donor Management application, namely the “Click & Pledge SMTP” and the custom SMTP. The additional SMTP options utilize the daily API limits which for organizations with 10 user licenses it is set to 10,000 as discussed in the following article:

Both Click & Pledge SMTP and custom SMTP take advantage of API calls and use the Click & Pledge’s SMTP relay services.

Several SMTP servers may be added and selected for each auto-responder using the C&P Settings > SMTP tab. The SMTP information of a private mail server may be added ensuring full header information be that of the organization. Emails going through the organization’s mail server will include the organization’s information. Unlimited number of optional SMTP servers may be added including Google Docs account, Microsoft Office 365, Yahoo, and others.

Here are the steps related to the SMTP:

Step 1: Click on the “C&P Settings”

Step 2: Click on SMTP tab.

Step 3: Enter the display name. This name will serve as the SMTP name which will be displayed in Email Autoresponder.

Step 4: Enter the server information.

Step 5: Enter the login details so that instance will be integrated to this particular SMTP.

Step 6: Enter the sender information.

Step 7: Select the desired C&P Account and enter the test email address.

Step 8: After entering all the details, click on “Verify/Add/Update” button to save the changes.

Already existing SMTPs will be listed below.

The already existed SMTPs will be displayed in Email Autoresponder.

The following provide links to articles describing the setup of some of the mail servers listed above:  

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