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Donor Management with Salesforce: Patron Value Rank

Patron Value Rank provides you a quick tool to completely understanding your donor’s personal, fundraising and network contributions. Donor Management Release 8.3+ required.

Patron Value Rank will
  • Identify which donors are the most valuable to your bottom line.
  • Track personal, fundraised and networked donations for each donor.
  • See which donors have influenced the most networked donations when using the fundraiser features in Click & Pledge Connect.
Patron Value Rank is only available to Click & Pledge customers and analyzes all information collected through C&P products.

How this will help you? By giving you the information to compare donor rankings you can customize communication efforts to better motivate future gifts.

Video: Demonstration of Patron Value Rank

Activate Patron Value Rank
To activate Patron Value Rank within the Donor Management Application, go to C&P Settings > Connections > Patron Value Rank, then click on 'Enable Patron Value Rank.' Patron Value Rank will run at 3 AM daily. If you decide to change settings you may wish to run a manual update by selecting 'Click to Update' button.

Where to view Patron Value Rank?

Patron Value Rank is available within the Contact screen and in Reports.

Contact View

Within your Salesforce Contact view you can see the Patron Value Rank. Below is a diagram of the report.

To pull a Patron Value Rank Report:
  • Click on the downward arrow at end of menu
  • Find Reports and click it
  • Under All Folders find "C&P Patron Value Rank" and click it

  • Here you may sort (click on header column), customize and export the report

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