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Donor Management with Salesforce: C&P Settings - Maintenance (Self Healing of Errors)

Version: 9.190720xxxx

The "Self Healing" option provides an easy way to fix errors that may occur while creating a transaction.

Self Healing:

The following are some of the reasons that errors may occur while the transaction data is being created:
  • Strict validation rules that are violated when a transaction posts, e.g. phone number format, required date of birth, etc.
  • Triggers that may stop creation of the Transaction, Opportunities, Custom Questions, or the Autoresponder
  • Lock row error due to other processes locking an update

To resolve these and other similar issues the "Self Healing" option may be enabled allowing the system to monitor errors and take corrective actions when needed. When an error occurs it typically happens in the middle of a process such as when opportunities or a new contact is being created. To resolve the issue the entire footprint of the update will be deleted and the post will be re-processed again.

In case of an error the following steps are taken in the order listed: 
  1. Delete the Custom Questions/Answers
  2. Delete the Opportunities
  3. Delete the Transaction
  4. Re-process the posted transaction per C&P Data.

Since the process will run indefinitely, as long as the option is checked, the administrator may resolve the root cause of the error, e.g. validation rules, etc., allowing the process to fix the error in the next attempt. The process runs continuously until all errors are fixed. Once the last error has been fixed the process will stop and restart every three hours.

The "Self Healing" option may be disabled through the C&P Data and enabled in case of errors or left enabled all the time.

Special Considerations: With each repair the transaction will be recreated and processed a new post, using the old information. If the new post generates a different error than the one previously posted a new error email will be sent. If the error is the same as the old error no emails will be sent.

Auto process C&P Temporary Contacts if Contact exists: A new feature has been added for processing Temporary Contacts automatically every 3 hours. The new process will resolve the Temporary Contact if the contact is found. A use case includes having a lot of contacts pending processing in the C&P Temporary Contact and manually adding the contacts without processing the Temps. Given the contact exists, the new process will identify the contact and will settle the contact without manual intervention. To enable go to: C&P Settings > Maintenance.

For NPSP users, this works only when the Contact Matching is set to "Semi-Automatic Contact Creation" Mode only.

For non-NPSP users, this doesn’t work when the Contact Matching is set to “Manual Contact Creation” mode.

Delete Posted Data: At times posted transactions may stop in the middle of the process due to various error conditions that may be caused by incompatible customization, e.g. validation rules, etc. To remove the complete footprint of the transaction you may delete the order number using the "Delete Posted Data" feature.

To delete a transaction enter the Order Number associated with the transaction and select the records in the available objects. Once deleted you may post the data again. You may want to keep the C&P Data so you can reprocess it without having to push it again from the portal.

Additional Notes:
  • Scheduled Job name: PaaS_Maintenance_SealfHealing
  • API Calls: No API calls will be used for processing.

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