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Event Management with Salesforce: Registration Emails

Version: 5.190710xxxx​

Various emails may be designed and sent to the registrants and attendees based on conditions given while creating a registration email. Even though the registration email was created after lot of registrations already processed, the system will send the particular email to those attendees/registrants.

Several types of registration emails may be created. For example, an email with ticket links may be sent to a registrant or attendee that has paid with the credit card while another email may be sent to another registrant that has selected to pay at the door. The email sent to the registrant that will pay at the door may not include the links to the ticket or name badge. Other variations may be set for various payment methods and registration levels.

Step by Step:

Step 1: In the Events page, click on the desired event.

Step 2: Click on the Registration Emails.

Step 3: Select one Recipient from Registrant & Attendee.

Step 4: Add a Name – internal use only for reference.

Step 5: Select the mode. If the mode is assigned to Active, then emails will be sent. If the mode is assigned to Inactive, then the emails will not be sent.

Step 6: Select the C&P Accounts to which email should be sent.

Step 7: Emails can be set to be sent immediately after the registration completes or at a later day/time. If Specific Date is selected, then you will be prompted to enter a date and time. Specific Date registration emails are sent at the "top of the hour" following the time set. For example, if you set a registration to go out on a future date at 10:30 AM, it will be sent at 11 AM. Emails are scheduled at the time the transaction occurs, so scheduled emails are only sent to those who register after the email template is created.

Step 8: Emails are sent based on the payment method used by the patron when completing the transaction. Select the payment method conditions for when this email is to be sent.This gives you the option to create different communications based on payment method. For example, if someone has paid-in-full with a credit card, your email text will most likely be different than an email to someone who has selected a custom payment type like Pay-at-door.

Step 9: Select / Deselect the Levels by clicking on the Add / Remove button.   

Step 10: Specify the Sender name.

Step 11: Specify the Sender Email address.

Step 12: List the BCC Emails if any.

Step 13: Specify the Email Subject.

Step 14: Upload the Email related PDF. Make sure it doesn’t exceed 1MB of size.

Step 15: Create your email. Merge fields may be added as need.

Step 16: After entering all the details, click on Save button to save the settings.

NOTE: Registration Emails will be sent, even in the absence of Salesforce Connection. Registration emails do not wait for Registrants or Attendees to be mapped to Salesforce Contacts and are sent using the email provided during registration.

The newly created Registration Email will be listed in the Email Templates.

Click on the Name of the Email Template to edit, send email, delete and to clone the Email template. When Send Email button is clicked, then the email template will be sent only to the members who didn’t receive an email after successful transaction. If an email was sent before to the members, then it won’t send the email again.

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