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Give OUT Day: Top Support Questions for Give OUT Day

Give OUT Day

Click & Pledge wishes you a most successful Give OUT Day! We have compiled our most frequently asked questions for you, some with links to support articles, to help your day run as smooth as possible.
1. How can I get support on Thursday, April 19, 2018?
You have 2 options:    
a. Live Support is offered on April 19 from 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time by telephone or through your computer. We highly recommend you join by computer if you are able to. This allows us to share computer screens so we can quickly answer your question.
Live support is a group meeting or call– everyone who joins or calls in will be placed in a queue and put on mute. You will be able to listen to the conversation until it is your turn to ask your question. If joining by computer there is a chat feature where you may type your question for assistance.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or Telephone:
    Dial: US: +1 669 900 6833  or +1 646 558 8656
    Meeting ID: 854 500 925 

b. Ticket Support
Enter a support ticket at
and be sure to enter “Give Out” in subject line!

2. How long will it take before a donation appears on our site?
Within 10 minutes!  The website caches every ten minutes.

3. How to process a credit.
Click here for more information.

4. How to manually process transactions using the Virtual Terminal.
If donors call you or come to your office you may use the Virtual Terminal to enter in transactions. It is very important to select the Give OUT Day Campaign to include the transaction on the giving day site. See image below:
Choose Give OUT Campaign
Click here for more information.

5. How to login to Click & Pledge.
Click here for more information.

6. How to run a report to view my donors' contact information and transactions.
Click here for more information.

7. What if my donor's transaction declines?
Probably the easiest thing to do is to submit a support ticket (click here to submit ticket) with the full name of the donor, amount, and last 4 digits of the credit card for Click & Pledge to look up the reason for the decline. Other options are for the donor to contact their bank for the decline reason, or within your Click & Pledge account you can pull a report for declined transactions that will include the reason provided by the bank.

8. My Facebook share message is not updating. How can I have it show my new share message?
Facebook uses a technique called “caching,” a temporary storing of content, to make sure your site loads quickly. When you change your Facebook share message within the Give Big platform it can take some time for Facebook to start using the new message. To wipe out the previous message you will need to use a Facebook tool called the Open Graph Debugger. Here you insert your URL link to scrape the existing information.

Click here for complete instructions.
9. When will we see our scheduled donation appear on our organization page?
Pre-scheduled donations will begin processing in the morning and will continue throughout the giving day until completed. They process in sequence so they will show up on your organization's page after each has completed. Receipts are emailed out once the transaction occurs. 

10. What if my donor received an unsupported browser message?
Click & Pledge takes internet security very seriously. For the safety our customers and your donors, Click & Pledge will only process transactions on Internet Browsers (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) we consider to be secure. Older browsers that are no longer supported by their companies often cannot handle newer encryption protocols and are therefore considered insecure.  If a donor receives an error message when making a donation that their internet browser is out-of-date, they should upgrade to the latest version. Browser upgrades are free and should be made to keep your personal and payment information safe.

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