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GiveBig + Swiper1: Automatic Posting of Donations to your Organization’s Give Big Page using your Smart Phone

If your organization is participating in a Giving Day or otherwise using Click & Pledge’s GiveBig Platform, you can accept donations through the Swiper1 App on your smart phone and have them automatically added to your organization’s profile page and donation totals.
Best Practice: We recommend that you do a small test donation, like $5, long before your Giving Day to make sure you have everything set up properly.

Step by Step in Slides:

Note: You do not need to purchase the Swiper1 device to use the Swiper1 app for processing. But to speed processing, you may wish to purchase a device if you plan to accept numerous transactions on your Giving Day. Whether credit card information is entered manually or through swiping a card, processing fees will remain the same. For information on ordering the Swiper1 device click here.

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