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Swiper1: Check-in/Check-out with Event Management App on Salesforce

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2017 09:21AM EDT
The Salesforce Event Management Application combined with the Swiper1 mobile application offers a complete solution for managing events. The following are key features of the implementation:
  • Swiper1 is available for both Android & IOS devices, including phones and tablets.
  • Check-In / Check-Out may be performed with or without a network connection.
  • Multiple devices may be used for Check-In / Check-Out and synchronized when the network is available.
  • Messages may be viewed for each attendee being checked in. Messages may be set in Salesforce for viewing when the person checks in.
  • Manual Check-In through Salesforce.
  • Manual & rapid Check-In / Check-Out through Swiper1.

The following article illustrates the two-step process of check-In & check-Out, namely:

  1. How to connect Swiper1 with Salesforce for synchronization.
  2. Check-In & Check-Out the synchronized attendees.

Check List prior to the event
  1. To avoid Salesforce’s security features from blocking Swiper1’s connection to Salesforce, it is highly recommended that Salesforce’s Salesforce1 mobile application be installed on all devices being used for Check-In / Check-Out. Log into Salesforce1 and ensure proper connection. This step registers the IP address of the network being used with Salesforce and minimizes security issues that may arise.
  2. It is best to synchronize all devices prior to the start of the event.

Setup Step-by-Step

Step 1: Install Salesforce mobile app and log in through the app. This ensures that your IP is registered with Salesforce. It is recommended that this step is repeated upon a change of location.
Step 2: Install Click & Pledge’s Swiper1 mobile app
Step 3: Users with Swiper1 access can log in to the Swiper1 application. Create a separate user account for each member of your team that needs to use the Swiper1. Click to see how

Step 4: Login to Swiper1 using the Click & Pledge UserID, Password, and account number. This is the same account information defined in Step 3.

Step 5: Once logged in, click on the menu button and select Settings. Select Event Settings in Settings and User Registration in Event Settings.

Step 6: Click on Request Authorization. Each device has to be authorized in Salesforce prior to performing check-In and check-Out in the event attendees.

Step 7: After clicking on ‘Request Authorization’, it will show the Authorized status.

Skip Step 8 & 9 if the Status is Authorized.

Step 8: If the status is ‘Pending’, then Login to Salesforce > C&P Event Management > Swiper1 Global Access and authorize the device by clicking on the edit button.

Step 9: Enter the C&P Account Number, Account Name, User ID, Start Date, End date, Status (Set to Authorized) and select the events on which Check-In and Check-Out should be performed. Only selected events will be displayed in the Swiper1 app. 

Don’t forget to Save the changes. In this way, the status will be updated from Pending to Authorized.

Step 10: In Swiper1, go to the main screen and the option for Check-In & Check-Out should be available as shown below 

Step 11: Click on Event and click on the “Sync with Salesforce” button. Once synchronized, all the active events which are selected in Salesforce will appear in the listing. Select the desired event so that the Check-In & Check-Out will be performed.

Step 12:
Manual Check-In: Type the name of the attendee and manually check-in or check-Out by clicking on the attendee name. More information is given in Step: 13.​
Scan: Scan the QR Code on the ticket to locate the attendee for check-in & check-Out.
Auto – Attendant: Check-In & Check-Out can be performed quickly and many at a time.
Sync with Salesforce: It helps to update the changes which are made in Swiper1 to Salesforce and vice versa. 
Register: Registrations for an event can be made by clicking this button. More information is given in Step: 14.

Step 13: Manual Check-In Select Manual Check-In / Scan / Auto-Attendant. In Manual Check-In, the list of synced attendees will be provided along with Ticket ID. This step will be handled automatically in the Scan mode since the QR Code on a ticket will be scanned & the attendee will be located automatically.

Click on the attendee name as identified through either the name lookup or QR code scan, and the  Check-In or Check-Out page will be displayed.

The Check-In and Check-Out buttons alternate between the 2 colors of red and green. The green button is the logical choice based on the available data. For example, if the person has never checked-in, the Check-In button will be green whereas if the attendee has checked-in before, the Check-Out button will be green. After performing Check-In & Check-Out process, click on History to see the complete Check in- Check Out history.

In History, there will be the details on Date & Time, the status of the attendee and whether the data is Synched with the Salesforce or not. If there is a red “X” in front of the line, it is not synced with Salesforce. 

Go to ‘Full Report’ page and click on ‘Sync with Salesforce’. Once synced all local data will be posted to Salesforce and all data from other synced devices will be pushed back to the device. All devices may be synced together through this process.

Step 14:Register Select Register from the event dashboard, then the following screen will appear. Select the desired C&P Account.

NOTE: The below screenshot is only for the multiple C&P Account Users.

After selecting the desired account, the levels of the event will display. The process of registration is as same as in the Saleforce Event Management. Click on ADD button of a desired level, you will redirect to the page where you need to enter the attendee details.

Enter the details of the attendee. First & Last name are the mandatory fields. Custom Questions will appear at the bottom of the page. After entering the details, click on Add Attendee No:1.

NOTE: Automatically the first attendee details will consider as the registrant details. To enter different registrant details, disable the checkbox ‘Is Registrant’.

After clicking on ‘Add Attendee No: 1’, a dialogue box will appear asking either to add one more attendee in the same level or to finish the entries in that level. Select the appropriate option.

After adding all the attendee details, the total summary of the attendees and the amount will display. Additional amount like funds, gifts may also add in this page. The gross total will display at the end.

After clicking on ‘Continue’, you will enter into Registrant Detailed Page. Enter/Update the registrant information before clicking on ‘Continue’ button. 

After clicking on ‘Continue’, payment page will appear where the registrant can fill the details. To know more on payment page, please read this article. Click on ‘Process’ to enter into the Billing Information page.

Enter/Update the registrant details and click ‘Continue’.

After clicking ‘Continue’, a confirmation box will appear. Click OK to complete the transaction or click ‘Change Payment Details’ to change the card details or ‘Cancel Transaction’ to cancel the whole transaction.

After clicking ‘OK’, the transaction status will display.
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