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GiveBig: Add Images

You may add images and photos to your Fundraiser or Organization's profile page.

For adding images follow the guidelines below:
  • Image width at or below 600 pixels. 600 pixels is the full width of your profile section.
  • 72 dpi
  • File size 250KB or less. A file size larger that 250KB can slow or cause problems when loading the page.

Video: How to re-size and add an image

Step by Step: How to add images
You may add your own images to your Profile Description area. To do this follow these instructions
1. Click on image icon as in image below:

2. On Image Properties screen, follow steps below. These steps refer to image below.
  • Click Upload tab
  • Click Choose File to select a image file from your computer, click Open if prompted
  • Click Send it to Server button, this will take you to Image Info tab
  • Click OK to upload

3. Click SAVE button under Profile settings
4. To view image you will need to click Close Settings button

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