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GiveBig: Manually Process Transactions Using the Virtual Terminal

When a donor provides your organization with their credit card information for you to process the transaction, you should login to your Click & Pledge account and use the Virtual Terminal to process the transaction. You do not want to use your public donation page to run the transaction because it could trigger the fraud protection on your account and block transactions from occurring on your computer.

Very Important: Do not forget Step 3!

The GiveBig campaign must be selected for the transaction to be included in your totals. If you leave this field at 'none' by not selecting the GiveBig campaign offered, this transaction will not show on your Giving Day site or be included in any totals for the event.

Steps to Process a GiveBig Transaction using the Virtual Terminal

Step 1. Login
Refer to this Knowledge base article on How to Login
Step 2. Click on Virtual Terminal

Select Virtual Terminal from the Launcher.

Step 3. Select the GiveBig Campaign Name

This is very important step.

In the Campaign box you will be provided a list of your fundraising campaigns. From the drop-down menu select the GiveBig Campaign for this transaction.

Step 4: Enter Payment Description

In Virtual Terminal tab, under Payment Description. Enter in:
  • Payment for: Text can be added like ‘Donation’
  • Quantity: Since this is a donation, just enter 1 for 1 donation. (Numeric only)
  • Unit Price ($): Enter the amount of the donation. (Numeric only)
  • Tax Deductible($): If the donation is tax deductible then you may enter the Tax Deductible amount. (Numeric only). This is an optional field. If you do not see this field and wish to add it, then you can enable it in Account Information.
If you are doing a simple donation, just leave other fields like discount, shipping and convenience fee blank.

Payment Desciption

Step 5: Enter Billing (donor) and shipping information

If your donor has had made a gift in the past using your Click & Pledge account, you may use Existing Patron to look-up their contact information. If the donor is not an existing patron then enter in their billing information. Fields with * are mandatory. If you enter patron’s email address, they will receive a copy of the receipt. Shipping information would not be required.

Step 6: Additional Information

Additional information like tracker, questions, receipt customization can be given based on the need.

Step 7: Enter payment information and click Process Payment

After successful transaction, the donation will be displayed in your Organization’s GiveBig page.

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