GiveBig: How To Set Up Your Nonprofit's Profile Step by Step

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2016 10:18AM EST
Once your Click & Pledge account is open, you can login to your GiveBig website portal and customize your organization’s information.

There are 2 areas to customize, Profile and Payment. Refer to the image below to locate each.
Edit Profile and Payment

New Features: Donation Scheduling and Report (Spring 2015)
Within the Payment Area, you can now allow your donors to schedule donations for a future date and run donation reports. To access this area:
  1. Login to Give Big platform
  2. Click on your organization's Donate button (see image above for Payment Area)
  3. Click on Setting button

Donation Scheduling
Under Basic Setting tab, if you click on Donation Scheduling check box and scroll to the bottom and click SAVE button, you will allow donors to schedule a donation in the future.

Click in the From and To fields to select dates for report, then click DOWNLOAD button.

Video: How To Setup Your Organization's Profile On Give Big Platform
Step by Step Organization Setup Instructions


Go to the GiveBig website and click on the login/logout icon at the top right corner of the page (3 horizontal bars).
Click Organizations Sign In. Enter your email and password. This is the same email address and password you supplied when applying for your Click & Pledge account. Click 'Sign In.'

Enter your organization’s information
Once logged in, click on Edit Profile button.

Under ‘Profile’ tab must enter your organization’s profile information. This information will show on your organization’s webpage.

Note: For Summary and Description fields, please type everything into a text editor such as Notepad first and save a copy. Then copy and paste the text into the summary and description fields. If you spend too much time typing directly into the site, your web browser will time out and your information will be lost.
  • Click on the checkbox to show your organization's information on page. This information includes your nonprofit's name, address, EIN#, website, and contact email.
  • By default, donors are allowed to post comments. If you would like to not show these comments on your page, place a check in 'Hide Comments' box.
  • Enter a Target fundraising goal using only numbers.
  • Enter short description in Summary field. See note in red text above.
  • Enter detailed description for your organization in 'Description' field. You may add images, text, and use Source button to add videos, etc.
  • Add a small avatar (image/logo) to represent your organization. Note the image size and file requirements.
  • Add a medium avatar (image/logo) to represent your organization. Note the image size and file requirements.
  • Click SAVE to save your changes.

Network URL
Click ‘Network URL’ tab. If you have social network sites, copy and paste your urls here. Leave a field blank if you do not have a specified social network url. Click SAVE to save changes. For example: Note: Make sure you provide your public url, not the url you use to administer your account.

Share Message

Click 'Share Message' tab. Add a message and message description to display for your donors to share on social networks. Click SAVE to save changes.

Donate Now
Click ‘Donate Now’ tab. Here you can choose to hide the donation widget on your organization’s profile page and/or fundraiser pages and make edits to the heading, amounts, donation text, and recurring donations. Click SAVE to save changes.

Keywords & Tags
  • In Keyword field enter your organization’s service area county (or counties), zip code(s), name of organization and other keywords that apply. Separate all keywords with a semicolon [;].
  • For Tags, click on tags that apply to your organization. Tip: To select multiple tags at one time hit and hold Control button [Ctrl] then click on tags with your mouse. Once you select tab(s), click on the > arrow to bring them into the field on right.
  • Click SAVE to save changes.

Fundraiser Setting
By accepting fundraisers you allow people to create personal fundraising pages and solicit donations on your behalf.
  • Click on 'Accept fundraisers' checkbox to allow for supporters to create their own fundraising pages.
  • You may choose to automatically or manually accept fundraisers. Enter a check to automatically approve fundraisers or if not checked, you will have to manually accept fundraisers’ requests. If you manually accept fundraisers, your primary contact on your account will receive an email when a fundraiser has made a request, then you must login to the Give Big platform to approve them under Fundraisers List tab.
  • Page header allows you to customize your fundraisers’ “title.”
  • Click SAVE to update.

Fundraisers List
Click 'Fundraisers List' to view your fundraisers. Use filters to search for fundraisers. To change the status of a fundraiser go to a fundraiser and click 'Change Status' in first column, under 'Status' use dropbox to make edit, then in first column click 'Update.'

To Exit Settings
To exit your Settings area, click Close Setting.

To Logout of GiveBig
To logout of your GiveBig account, click the Login/Logout Icon (circle with 3 horizontal bars at top right corner).

How to Manage Payment Section and Run Reports
With the Give Big Platform you may customize your receipts, add questions to your payment page, add campaigns, and pull fundraiser report. When you are logged in you can access these settings by clicking on the Payment Widget's Donate button, the click Setting.

Video: Manage Payment Page and Run Fundraiser Report
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