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Swiper1: Backup and Restore

The Backup & Restore option available in Swiper1 is more than just a simple backup. The feature has specifically been designed to provide an easy method to replicate Account and catalog settings from one device to another. Here are a few specific features:
1.       Backup to the cloud minimizes local storage use.
2.       Only one backup per User ID / account.
3.       QR-Code links to the backup.
4.       Restore from SAME "account" users through email.
5.       Restore from OTHER "account" users through QR-Code.

The following use-cases provide an insight into how the backup & restore may help your organization.

Step 1:Click on the Menu button and select Backup & Restore from the menu.

Step 2: Backup & Restore screen looks like this. There are three options:- 

  1. Backup button is to store the information.
  2. Restore button is to get back the saved information.
  3. QR-Code is to share the information with others. When this option is selected, it will direct to the below screen to select how you want to share the QR code. 

Step 3: How to Backup the data?

  1. Click on the Backup button to view the Backup options.
  2. You can select to back up the store, settings or both.
  3. After selecting the backup option, click on Backup to store the data.

Step 4: How to restore the data from a backup?

There are two options available in the restore screen:
  • What to restore
  • From where to restore.
  1. The user can restore only store, only settings or both.
  2. The user can restore the data from his / her own backup. By selecting this option, the following screen will be displayed. 

User can select the desired option and click on continue to restore the data
  1. By clicking on the Other user’s backup, the following screen will be displayed.  

Enter the other user’s email address and click on continue to restore the data.
  1. By selecting the QR-Code, the camera will be turned ON to scan the QR-Code and restore the data.

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