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Event Management with Salesforce: Overview

The Event Management for Salesforce application provides a comprehensive solution for organizations to accept registration for events online. The following are the key features:
  • Named & anonymous registration: Through the named registration option all attendees’ first name, last name, email, etc. may be collected through the forms whereas the anonymous registration allows the attendee to purchase multiple tickets by entering a quantity for each level.
  • Electronic ticket & name badges with QR Code for easy Check-In & Check-Out through the Swiper1 mobile app.
  • Flexible templates as well as fully customizable templates with an HTML editor and custom CSS for advanced designers.
  • Discount plans using date, coupon code, inventory, and group size with options to chain discount plans together so one stops when the other starts based on inventory.
Each aspect of the event application is listed below and individual articles are referenced with detailed overview & description.


Get Started: To create a new event you must begin with Basic Information. Once completed use the other sections to customize your event.

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