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Event Management with Salesforce: Create and Manage Widgets

The event management application provides an open platform for creating public event registration pages. The design tool offered for creating the registration layout is extremely flexible allowing for addition of any type of design element and script from third party widgets and gadgets. Typically you are adding javascript to the Header Code field and HTML to the Body.

Important Point to Consider

The event registration page is a secure site and as such the content used on the page has to be secure. Only widgets that are served through secure sites, https, may be used. Insecure links to widgets will be blocked by Salesforce sites and will not show on the page.

Video: Create a Widget

The widget created in this video is a Twitter feed.

Example 1: Google Maps

For this example a Google Map will be created as a widget and added to an event registration page. Before we start with Salesforce we need to visit Google maps and retrieve the map code for a specific address.

  1. Enter the event location address in the address bar
  2. Click on “Get Directions”
  3. Click on the link image
  4. Copy the HTML to embed (to customize the widget you may click on the Customize and preview the embedded map link)
Click on the image to enlarge

Having the widget code, the next step is to create a widget in Salesforce and add it to the registration form.
  1. Login to Salesforce
  2. Click on the Event Management tab
  3. Click on the desired event & expand the selection
  4. Click on the “Designer” link and select “Widgets”
Click on the image to enlarge

Two types of widgets may be designed:
  • Single
  • Tabbed
As the names imply, the single widget offers a code area for addition of one widget whereas the tabbed widget offers up to 4 tabs to house different widgets. Multiple single and tabbed widgets may be present in an event registration page.

Single Widget

Copy the HTML code obtained from the Google maps in the previous steps into the Widget Code text box. Provide a name and description, both of which are for internal use only.
Once the widget is saved it may be added to any template by positioning the cursor where the widget is to be added and clicking in the name of the widget as entered in the previous step.


The final registration form will show the Google map (widget) as shown below:

Tabbed Widget

The procedure for setting up a tabbed widget is similar to a single widget but up to 4 pages (tabs) may be created. Each tab may include scripts or content to be included in the event registration page.

To create a tabbed widget click on each tab and provide a name and content. Additional tabs may be created following the same steps and naming each tab individually.

Example 2: Twitter

To add Twitter as a widget to the registration form the Twitter feed script needs to be added as a Widget. Follow the steps listed below to obtain the Twitter script:
  • Login to Twitter
  • Click on the Settings & Help
  • Click on Widgets
  • Click on Create New


In the New screen customize the widget as desired and generate the script for the customized feed:

Click on the Create Widget button and Save the changes after copying the widget code:

Copy and paste the code in the Widget Code area of the event's Widget as illustrated below:

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