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Event Management with Salesforce: Additional Information Tab

Version: 5.190509xxxx

Additional Information allows customization of an event beyond the minimal requirements available through the Basic Information Tab. 


Google Map Address: Enter the address information to be used for the Google map of the event. Display Address fields allow you to customize location text on the map.

Other Details:
  • Event Coordinator: Select the event coordinator from the Event Coordinator Lookup.

  • Category: Select the Category from the Drop-Down menu or create a new category.

  • Browser Tab Title: The name which is mentioned here will be the browser tab title for the External Registration Page.

  • Event Social Profile Image: Upload the event image which helps the registrants to identify easily.

  • Campaign: Select the campaign from the Campaign Lookup.

  • Discount Code Label: The name which is entered here will be displayed in the External Registration Page in Discount Section. By default, it will be “Coupon Code”.

Ex: - If the Discount Code Label is Event Discount Coupon Code, then it will appear in External Registration Page as shown below.


  • Agenda (PDF only): Upload a PDF file which will be sent as an email to the registrant and attendee.

  • Agenda Display Name: The name which is mentioned here will be the Agenda Display Name.
  • Double the Donation: Enable the check box to see the Double the Donation field in the payment page of External Registration Page as well as the Box Office. It is placed below the custom questions in the payment page. Click here to know more about Double the Donation. 

  • Opportunity/Opportunity Product Mapping: Please go through this Help article.
  • Additional Payment Details: If checked, you allow patrons to make additional payment/donations with their registration. If you are accepting additional payment/donations, you need to mention the number of attendees required before displaying the additional payment option in the external registration page and you need to add Labels for it.
  • Label For Additional Donation
  • SKU For Additional Donation
  • Tax Deductible %
  • Campaign For Additional Donation
  • Default Amount
  • Lock the Default Amount

NOTE 1: Event Organizer can set the ‘Required Attendees’ field to zero so that registrants can just donate without registering the attendees.

NOTE 2: Event organizer can set the default amount and lock it. He can also set the default amount and keep it open without locking it so that registrant can change the amount. 

Registration Fields Visibility:
The columns which are selected Show in the Visibility section will be displayed in the External Registration Page. Except Level Name and Register columns, all can be hide. Label name can also be changed.

Button Labels customization:
The button label name can be changed but we cannot hide the buttons.

Tax Deductible Customization:
Total Tax Deductible option will be visible in the External Registration Page only when it is selected Show in the Visibility section. The button label name can be changed.

SEO Meta Tags:
Meta tags offer information about an event that various search engines can understand. The "SEO Meta Tags" field is included in the "Additional Information" tab as well as "Registration Sites." The entries in these fields will be added in the META section of the page as required by search engines and social sites. In the absence of the META information, search engines will use random texts from the page which may not result in the most optimized & visually correct listing of the event/site. The area provided may be used for inclusion of any META information and limited to 32K characters.

For more information: SEO Meta Tags

Registrant Default SMS:
It works with Twilio, which is the third party application. The message which is given here will be considered as the registrant default SMS.

Field Set:
A field set is a grouping of fields. Field sets can be displayed on Visualforce pages and added to manage packages. Organizations with field sets deployed can add, remove, or rearrange fields from the field set, without altering the Visualforce page. To add the fields in the field set, go to Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects > C&P Event (Click on it) > Field Sets (Edit) > Add the required fields.

Always click SAVE to save any changes.


Select a level to edit the following 

Name on Reports: Enter the name of the report. It is a mandatory field.

Report Color: Click on the checkbox for selecting the desired color for the Level.

SKU: Enter the SKU name.

Opportunity Primary Campaign Source: Enter the Campaign Name.

NOTE: If the event is Anonymous, then this campaign will be assigned to the registrant.

Campaign Member Status: Based on the selected Campaign, we can update the status of a Campaign member. Select the desired status from the dropdown menu.

To add the new values, click All Tabs > Campaigns > Select the campaign > Advanced Setup > Member Status Values > Edit (Click it). You can add/edit the values and you can set the default value.

NOTE: If an attendee has Child Campaign, then the status of the Child Campaign member will be updated instead of the parent campaign.

Purchase Limit: This option is only for Anonymous events. The admin can set the purchase limit which will affect the “Qty.” section in the external registration page. The registrant cannot register more than the purchase limit.

Discount Code Label: Enter the name of the Discount Coupon. Coupon name should not exceed 80 characters. 

Level Description: Enter the details of the Level.

Inventory Sold: The number of inventory sold will be displayed here.

Available Inventory: The number of available inventory will be displayed here.

GoToWebinar Registration: By enabling the check box, select the desired GoToWebinar account from the drop-down menu. The webinar name can be selected by the auto-fill option. The attendees who registered for the webinar with this link will be receiving an email with the webinar details. Admin can also cancel or re-register of the particular webinar based upon the need of the attendee. 

Attendee Designation / Role Label: It is a mandatory field which is available only for Named events. The name which is given here will be displayed in the External Registration page where the attendee will give his / her details. If it is empty then automatically the default designation/role label will be assigned.

Campaign Role: It is a feature which is ONLY for named event & for group registrations (Event > Basic Information > Pricing/Registration Level > Registration Included). This campaign will serve as a child campaign to a parent campaign. Based upon the attendee name, the campaign role will be created. The campaign name will be displayed as per the options selected in the drop-down menu of the campaign role.

Attendee Default SMS: It works with Twilio, which is the third party application. The message which is given here will be considered as the registrant default SMS.

Always click SAVE to save any changes.

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