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Donor Management with Salesforce: Salesforce Integration Overview

Your Click & Pledge account can be connected to Salesforce using the Click & Pledge Donor Management App from the AppExchange, so you can keep track of your donors and manage those relationships within Salesforce CRM.

  • Integration set up
  • Contact creation - control how contacts are created, eliminate duplicates
  • C&P Settings - customize your app
  • Autoresponder - set up automatic email responses based selected criteria
  • Designer - to create custom emails
  • C&P Reports - predefined and custom reports
  • C&P Data
  • Virtual Terminal - for manual transactions, reprocessing, batch processing, inputting cash/check transactions, card swipe
  • Swiper1 - accept transactions from smart phone, integration includes Salesforce lookup
  • and more

Watch video below:

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