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Swiper1: How To Get Started

Swiper1 allows you to process payments using your smartphone. Swiper1 works with android and apple devices. You must have a Click & Pledge account to use Swiper1.

To use Swiper1 you will need to:
  1. Download App
Get the Swiper1 app for Android devices on Google Play
Download the Swiper1 app for iOS devices on the App Store
  1. Enter Account Info.
    Enter your Click & Pledge Account Information into the Swiper1 App. Click Here for instructions.
  1. Optional - Get Swiper1 hardware on Amazon.
    You have the option not to order Swiper1 hardware. Without it, you will need to enter credit card information manually.
Purchase the Swiper1 mobile credit card reader on Amazon.

Test vs Production Mode

By default, in Merchant Profile the Swiper1 app is set to Test Mode. It is recommended you run a couple test transactions to make sure you know the process for running transactions. Once you are ready to process transactions, change the Order Mode to Production and click Save Changes button.
Test Mode

How it works?
We have provided in a test credit card number so you can run a test transaction without a transaction processing. Just fill in the fields including any future card expiration date and any 3-digit number for the CVV number.

Why run a test transaction?
It gives you a safe way to test your Swiper1 app and device without charging a credit card. This lets you experience the transaction process and test the receipt settings. [Settings>Additional Options>Receipt Settings]

Diagram: How to Change Swiper1 from Test to Production Mode
Change from Test to Production Mode